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Don’t fall victim to DDos Attacks!

Are you grappling with preventing Service Level Breaches due to malicious Cyber-Attack? Struggling to avoid sensitive Data Loss outside of the firewall? That burden can be eased…

The growing threats caused by blended Network and Application Layer attacks means that simple blacklisting is no longer effective. Moreover, preventing employees from leaking sensitive information outside of the firewall has been made more complicated due to the growth of mobile workers and Bring Your Own Device.

Checkpoint's DDoS Protector might provide the ideal security solution for your business due to its unique Network Behaviour Analysis and the potential for in-cloud mitigation. Using this technology, the following business threats can be mitigated in real-time:

  • Network Layer Attacks swamping your Internet bandwidth to the point legitimate traffic cannot reach your Website.
  • Application Layer Attacks forcing your application server to slow and eventually even fail.
  • An employee losing a laptop creating a compliance breach due to Sensitive Data Loss.
  • An email including sensitive information forwarded outside of the enterprise.

Would you like more information? Radware’s annual Global Application & Network Security Report provides insight into network security trends with a specific focus on DoS/DDoS attacks, for a copy of this report please Click Here.

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Metadigm is a specialist provider of network and end point security solutions. We work with our clients to design, supply, install, support and manage their security solutions.

Our expertise ranges from firewalls, VPNs and UTM appliances, through email and web content security, web filtering, anti virus, anti spam, intrusion prevention and detection, to end point security including laptop encryption, and whitelist-based device and application control.

How Can Metadigm Help You?

Metadigm skills and expertise in network and end point security are based on over 20 years experience. During that time we have installed or currently support internet security infrastructure in over 54 countries for hundreds of clients. These include FTSE 100 enterprise organisations, mid-market companies and SME's across numerous sectors.

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