About me

Its good to know the people you work with, relationships are what make good business. So just a little bit about me, I originally trained as an Illustrator at Swansea University in 2005 and since then have progressed in to the world of web and digital media. I grew up in and around Surrey and moved in to London nearly 3 years ago and nowadays spend most of my time in and around Central London. I have been involved in the world of web for a number of years now and love the mix of technologies, software, graphic styles and interactivity that it brings.

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What else I'm into

As well as the world of web I still enjoy Illustration whether it's from traditional landscape art, wildlife illustration to Children's book work. I also enjoy photography and will never be far from my camera. But as long as there is a creative element to something I will always enjoy getting my teeth stuck into, no matter what it is!

Who I work with

Since I've lived in London I have worked with a real range of clients and characters. From your run of the mill 3 man band in the construction industry through to Opera singers in need of a new online image all the way to IT Security specialists and ecommerce websites. The web industry opens you up to a world of companies and individuals.


I am always keen to speak to possible future clients. If you're unsure about the complexity of a project and what the next step is feel free to give me a call and we discuss in more detail what it is you want to achieve. And if for any reason I am not available I can pass you on to other designers in the industry that may be able to help.