Illustration & Internet Art

As well as web and graphic design I am also a keen Illustrator and graduated in General Illustration at Swansea Metropolitan, Wales. I´ve worked in a variety of styles and media, from coloured pencil, paint and ink to concept and digital art for web animations. I have 3 years experience working for both print and screen. All of the artwork displayed in this website was created by myself and if you´re interested in prints or for use on a commercial project please get in touch.



I love working with paint and I will use any excuse available to build it into a chosen design. I believe it adds a level of individuality that digital doesn't always offer.



The world of digital illustration is broad and diverse. I can use digital art to take an existing piece of work and give it a unique twist with the aid of digital software.



If you are in need of developing new ideas for a future project or building imagery based on current ideas please get in touch and I can help take youre ideas through to completion.


Illustration Examples

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